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Mission: Burgo-Gun

Tokyo 2305

Who can save the future from a non-existent past?


The future, my friends, is very bright. So look forward to it. The amazing story you are about to hear is true, and was first compiled in the year 2306, as record of the events of the previous year. It is being brought to you today by the incredible development of Time Travel®, a scientific breakthrough brought to you exclusively by the Olympus-Nagatoshi Zaibatsu (For all your Robotic Needs)

So with that in mind, you can be comforted by my assurances that the future is going to be bright - because I've seen it. Sure there will be the odd down point, but that's only to be expected through 300 years of history in the making. So what if the deadly (though quite pretty from a distance) new weapons of World War III will result in most of Scandinavia sinking into the ocean, and then catapult the victor, Monaco, to the status of world superpower? And who cares if the much hyped First Contact between humans and extra-terrestrials depresses the aliens so much that their entire race commits ritualistic suicide days later?

Such failings only help to make the human race stronger as a whole. This is demonstrated by such astronomical achievements as the thriving competition amongst the fast-food giants on the lunar surface, and the US annexation of Canada, the final target in their 'Axis of Evil', over the 'Buttergate' affair of 2176. In light of such wondrous accomplishments, our relatively small downfalls can surely be forgiven.

This tale of mine is also the story of one of man's achievements, on a much smaller scale, though no less important. It is the tale of my own victory over a ruthless corporation, a band of murderous robots and villainous robot gangsters, and, of course, Arnold Scwarzeneggar. For the sake of reader convenience, and also as a cheap and easy way of filling in gaping plot holes, my story will be told in the third person, and begins in a seedy little bar in New York, 2305...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is a serial detective story, inspired by a drawing from Andrew Brown.

To keep some sort of order, I'll hopefully be able to put all my posts in my memories, in the order in which they were posted. If that system fails, you can always look back through the 'Calendar' view - it started on the 13/04/04.

For now it is Friends Only, in the interest of protecting my writing somewhat. This may or may not change at a later date. Leave a comment, however, and there's a fairly good chance I'll add you.

Full credit goes to Andrew Brown for all artwork contained within this journal.

All writing contained within is Copyright to myself, Timothy Burgess.